Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Stories of Sugarplum Dreams: The Roommates

Its the final day of individual reveals for the stories contained in Sugarplum Dreams, the newest anthology from Renaissance Romance Publishing.While last, this story is certainly not least. Take a peek at The Roommates by Michele Richard.  

Spring break changes everything for Daphne Hobbs. A one-night stand leaves her pregnant and alone. She soon discovers that the father is an identical twin, and she's unsure of which one turned her world upside down. She’ll be forced to share her apartment with them until she can discover the truth. Julius and Jordan Sweet share everything in their lives — almost to the point of living one life. Will Daphne uncover who’s the daddy?

Michele Richard is a familiar name at Renaissance Romance Publishing. Besides being one of the owners, this is her third short story in the Candy Collection, and she has also released several full length novels. Keep an eye out for more in the months ahead, with several of her sequels due to release next year. 

Old Man Winter has blown some more snow away from the Sugarplum Dreams cover! Check in tomorrow for a full cover reveal and a final wrap-up of all the stories.

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