That Summer


Having lived a long life, filled with family and friends, widower Nathaniel Jameson spends his days marking time, until he is able to join his beloved wife, Abigail.
Misty Hammond is new in town, a young woman trying to make a new life for herself, after her college dreams fell apart.  
When Misty becomes his aide, the two lonely people develop a special friendship that transcends their generation gap. After Nate discovers Misty's biggest secret, will he be able to help correct the misunderstandings from her past, allowing him to finally find his way home?


I stared at the faded old picture in my hand, my fingers tracing the delicate curve of her cheek, remembering the softness of her skin. Even in her last days, my Abby’s complexion remained smooth as silk, her beauty still flawless as the first time I saw her. I missed her so much. I’d never been able to leave her, even when she’d try to make me go, I couldn’t stay away. In our later years, she’d thanked me for coming back to her. This time, though, I’d had no choice.

In the last few months of her life, she’d wanted to reminisce, remember how our story began. She told me over and over it’d be important later, that I needed to make sure I had all the details right. So, I listened, and I remembered, for her. It’s been nine months since the good Lord took her home. While I still grieved her passing, I’d been grateful when she no longer suffered with the wracking pain that consumed her body the last few weeks of her life.

She knew I waited for her, that I was ready to leave. I’d made my peace with everything tying me here. Visiting me at night, she talked to me, telling me of all the wonderful things that waited for me. Every night before she left, I begged her to take me with her, but she insisted I had things to finish. She told me that when the time came, I’d know what I needed to do. So here I sat, day after day, waiting for my sign. 

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