Thursday, April 26, 2012

Speical Visit from DeAnna Felthauser

I got to meet the lovely DeAnna Felthauser when she hosted myself and the other ladies from Life is More Than Candy Hearts on her blog last month. Its my honor to have her drop by my blog today!

I haven't finished reading her book, Million Wishes, but what Ive read thus far is fabulous. So, without further ado, I'm going to turn it over to DeAnna, who has a wonderful treat for all of you today.

Hello everyone! I want to start out by saying thank you to Laura for inviting me to write a guest post for her blog today. I’m so excited to be here and share a bit about me with all of you. My name is DeAnna Felthauser and I am a self-published romance author, wife of fifteen years, blogger and vampire/shape shifter enthusiast. I have a thing for True Blood and Vampire Diaries.  Enough about me, how about we move on the more important things like books! ;)
Today I wanted to share with you a teaser from the second book in my ‘Wishes’ series, Reflecting on Wishes. If you haven’t read the first book in the series, A Million Wishes, you can find it here:

Now for the fun part—a sneak peek into my unedited WIP Reflecting on Wishes.

Reflecting On Wishes Excerpt ©2012 DeAnna Felthauser
Summertime was the best time of year. Early May, but hot and breezy with the scent of honeysuckle blooming in the air. It was dark still, but Dakota had a couple of hour’s drive time ahead of him to Commerce Georgia. Once he met his brother Dominic and his buddy Tank at the diner for breakfast, they were heading to the drag races for the weekend.
This was his first long trip on his new raven colored Yamaha YZF-R1. He could hardly wait to get it on the highway and open her up. First things first, breakfast at Lola Mays diner. The only person he knew that could throw down some country cookin’ better than Lola May was his Mom. He was still getting used to calling Mikayla that even though she and his Dad, Noah adopted him and his twin brother and sister about four years ago.
He pulled into the diner and didn’t see Tank or Dominic’s bikes so he went ahead and parked, taking off his helmet and walking inside the cool lobby. As always, Lola greeted him with a boisterous hug.
“There’s my tall, dark and handsome! C’mere and give Lola some lovin’s honey.”
Dakota grinned and wrapped her up against him and lifted the buxom, curvy woman off her feet, sending her into a fit of girlish giggles. “Lola you get more beautiful every single time I come in here darlin’.”
Kissing his cheeks, she patted his chest and fanned her face. “Oh lordy be honey, if I wasn’t married I’d be doin’ things to you that are illegal in the state of Georgia, I would!”
He grinned at her, wiggling his eyebrows. “Ms. Lola, I would have let you too.” A brief kiss on her cheek left her gasping as she picked up a menu and fanned her face.
“Oh honey, now you come on back here and take this table by the kitchen so’s I can come out and flirt with you while your here. Goodness knows you are good for this old gal’s ego.”
With that said, she turned and weaved her way to the table, swinging her ample hips to and fro’ all the way there.
“You want some coffee honey?”
“Yes ma’am I do. I’ll wait for the guys to get here before I order though.”
“What trouble are y’all gettin’ into today? Gonna be chasin’ girls round town?” Lola turned his coffee cup over and filled it from a fresh pot of the steaming brew.
“We are heading up to Commerce for the drag races this weekend.”
“Mhmm…I know what you’re doin’ Dakota Cane. You ain’t foolin’ me none boy. You’re gonna go flirt with our hometown girl aren’t ya? Oh that Angel Vega is one lovely little creature. Why I remember when she was just a tiny little sprite comin’ in here with her Daddy for breakfast on Sunday morning’s. They still do when she’s in town. She’s still as sweet as pie too.”
He nearly blurted out that he’d just bet she was sweet as pie but he snapped his mouth shut and just grinned.
“We’re going to see the races Lola. Not pick up women.”
“Mhmm, tell it to the judge darlin’. I see you lookin’ all fine in your black leather and snappy lookin’ bike. Mhmm, you on the hunt for that girl, I can tell by the look in your eyes when I said her name.”
Laughing, he winked at her and nodded his head. “I plead the fifth Ms. Lola.”
“I am sure you do baby. That is one lucky little spitfire you’re after. Lucky indeed.”
About that time, Dominic and Tank came in the diner, all decked out in leathers, looking just as handsome as Dakota did.
“Woo wee you boys are tryin’ ta give an old woman a case of the vapors aren’t ya? Lord help me, I’m surrounded by a buncha tall, dark and chocolates.”
Tank swooped her up and kissed her cheeks, laughing when she squealed and giggled.
“Well don’t you look gorgeous this morning Ms. Lola. Have you divorced your Mister yet? I’d marry you in a heartbeat if you promised to make me those buttermilk pancakes at least twice a week.”
Lola looked like a little girl against his nearly seven foot tall frame. Reaching up, she patted his cheek and smiled.
“Sweet darlin’ I don’t think I’d make it through our honeymoon night to be able to make you those pancakes but my, oh my, what a night that would be!”
His big voice chuckled out with laughter as he leaned and kissed her forehead.
“And you! Come here Dominic and give this old girl some lovin’s this mornin’. Don’t let those two discourage you from tryin’ to win my affections now. There is enough of me to go around darlin’.”
Dominic laughed and gave her a soft hug and kiss on the cheek. “Good morning Ms. Lola. Sure does smell good in here, I’m starving to death!”
She ushered them to their seats and turned the coffee cups over, grabbing the pot and filling the cups to the brim.
“All right now boys, whatchu want Lola to make you for breakfast? I don’t want y’all goin’ hungry on your trip up north.”
They placed their orders, and she sashayed off, turning just as she walked through the swinging doors to blow a kiss their way.
“Man I bet she was a tiger back in the day.” Tank said, grinning like a kid in a candy store.
“Shoot, she’s still a tiger.” Dom was laughing as he stirred cream and sugar into his coffee.
“The tiger is that gorgeous woman we’ll be seeing at the racetrack today.” Dakota’s grin said it all.
The guys all joked around, concentrating their teasing on his affection for Angel Vega.
Tank nudged his buddy’s arm. “Bruh, you got it so bad for her. She doesn’t even know you exist. Don’t matter how many times you been in her Daddy’s motorcycle shop getting your bike tricked out, she never gave you a second glance.”
Dakota elbowed his friend and took a sip of coffee, brooding a little. “I’m not used to that either. It’s frustrating as hell. I’ve never had a problem getting a woman’s attention. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to her. She’s elusive and snarky. You should see how she handles herself around that shop. She doesn’t take crap from anybody and she knows her way around a toolbox. So damn sexy.”
His little brother snorted and broke into a rendition of Right Said Fred’s “I’m too sexy”, encouraging Tank to chime in and further embarrass Dakota with their teasing.
“You guys realize I can leave you in the dust on my new bike right?” He nodded to his stealthy looking ride.
“Ha! You realize I’m the one with the tickets and the pit passes right bruh?” Tank reached into his leather jacket and pulled out the tickets, waving them in his face, smirking.
“What the…? You got us pit passes? Man, I love you. Seriously!” Dakota could hardly contain his excitement. Tickets to the pit meant meeting the drivers, which meant getting closer to her. Angel Vega. Latina goddess of the racetrack. A svelte, caramel skinned nymph with almond eyes and raven hair that reached the sexiest ass he’d ever seen.
Tank jerked the tickets back and tucked them back in the inner pocket of his jacket. “Mhmm, just a second ago you was talkin’ like you was gonna leave us remember? Didn’t he say something about that Dom?”
“Yup, he did. Basically told us we’d eat his dust all the way to Commerce. Wasn’t very cool of him was it Tank?” Dom winked at his friend, taking another long drink of his coffee.
“Come on guys. You know I was just messin’ with ya.” Dakota was grinning from ear to ear, just the mere thought of getting closer to Angel had his mood soaring.
“I don’t bruh. I think I might give one of this pit passes to someone who’d appreciate it.”
“Trust and believe me when I say I’ll appreciate it Tank. Oh how I’ll appreciate her…I mean it. C’mon bruh, it’s my birthday weekend.”

Feel free to join me, I love making new friends!
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Thanks so much for dropping by, DeAnna! Reflecting on Wishes looks wonderful! I hope you'll come back when it releases! 


  1. Wow, sounds like a great book!! Can't wait to read it, DeAnna!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Lovely seeing you here today. :)

  2. Thank you so much for having me today Laura! It's been lovely getting to know you. :)

  3. I love the excerpt.....can't wait to read the entire book as well as other possible upcoming projects ;) Thank you Laura for a wonderful blog post.