Friday, June 22, 2012

Smoky Rooms Released and Upcoming Projects

Its Friday, and as of Midnight, Smoky Rooms is now available as a solo eBook on Amazon and Smashwords!

I thought the nerves would be less, with the story having already been released as part of the Candy Hearts Compilation, but I still have vultures swirling in my stomach! (They're much bigger than butterflies, you know.)

Southern Summer Nights is still on track for the fall (could someone please come kick my slack butt into gear so I can get it finished?), and there will also be a short story companion piece for two of the secondary characters from the story. You'll find out more about Bryce, Raina, Mel, and Matt come October. But, if you can't wait until then, feel free to check out my author's page on FB - I have already posted a few teasers, and will continue to do so moving into the fall as the stories progress.

I also have plans for two other stories - The Price of Valor, and That Summer (working title).  Both are started, and once I'm diving into them headlong, I will post teasers and updates on them, also.

Thanks so much to everyone who is supporting me, buying my books, offering encouragement, and just generally being there. Y'all give me the confidence to keep going, even when I feel like the words I'm churning out aren't fit for toilet paper.

Til next time,



  1. mommy im so excited that your book comes out today just remember everything is gonna be ok in the end if its not ok, then its not the end and also yesterday is history,tommorow a mystery, but today is a gift that is why we call it the present

  2. Way to Go Laura, very proud of you. I'll order book when i get home from surgery.